Output/ Modems

M- Bus

  • Can read up to 250 meters
  • Has short circuit and high current protection
  • Has light and sound warning system
  • Energy saving thanks to sleep mode
  • Supports RS232 and USB 2.0
  • Supports communication speed from 300 baud to 19,200 baud
  • It can work in ambient temperature between -20ºC and + 70ºC
  • It complies with TS EN 1434-3 and TS EN 13757-2 standards.


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GSM Datalogger

In addition to making our lives easier with mobile phones, GSM Technology provides organizations with opportunities to control and reduce their costs. With GSM Technology, the data can be transferred without any distance. The concept of telemetry, which means remote monitoring, is used for wireless data transfer systems, especially GSM technology.Also gather data from Rs485 Ethernet Rs232 SDI12 ports, save and monitor remotely. (Protocols: Modbus RTU Modbus TCP / IP CanBus ProfiBus DP SDI12 ASCII)


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Wi-Fi Converter

RS232 RS485 Wifi Converter RS232 RS485 Wifi Converter USR-WIFI232-610-V2 is a wireless serial WIFI converter used for the project of RS232 / RS485 serial equipment for WIFI or Ethernet network. It can be controlled by mobile phones or laptops, it can also be connected to the remote server.